Horses, our family and  co-operation partners

Our horses

National Finnish horse, Tähtiliisaus "Tähti"

Icelandic horse, Muskur fra Sahala "Mussukka"

Our family

"Happy greetings! I'm Sanna, the entrepreneur of the Valkeavaara stable and the eternal horse girl. I work full-time as a psychiatric nurse in student health care in Joensuu. I run stable activities part-time in the evenings and on weekends, as well as during my holidays. I've been working with horses for over 30 years, my first pony I got when I was 9 years old, and that's the way my heart stayed with the horses. As a child, I had a big dream of my own horse stable, which I am now fortunately enough to been able to establish. A big thank you to my beloved husband for his support, help and compassion in fulfilling my dream. I love animals and hiking in the forests and I want to share these awesome experiences with you, our lovely guests. I have been living abroad for many years and I would love to have a lot of foreign tourists as our guests. I wish you warmly welcome to visit us!"

"Hi, I'm Sami, Sanna´s husband. I am a multi-tasker in our stable. I'm helping with horse adventures, horse camps and where ever my help is needed. Sometimes I also go on family rides with horses with my wife and daughter. I spend my free time boating, fishing and hunting"

" Hi, I'm Ninni, a 10-year-old eager horse girl. I've been riding since I was 4 years old and I'm dreaming of my own free jumping horse, which I'm now saving money for. I love cats and taking care of the horses. I work in our horse camps during the summer."

"Hello. I'm Kasper, 14 years old. I help to take care of the horses and work also on our horse camps. Otherwise, I'm more interested in mopeds and rubik cubes than horses, but I've been riding a horse from time to time. I am half german so my language skills are very good."

In addition to our horses, we have four cats  (Lilli, Putti, Potteri and our neigbours cat Pörri) and two dogs (Gugi ja Niisku). 

Co-operation partners


We have started close co-operation with HoitoSulka company, which provides massage and reflexology services in Tuusniemi. Come and fall in love with our well-being retreats!

"Hi, I'm Miia, a lady with a cheerful and relaxed humor. After 25 years of working in the nursing sector, I was finally able to fulfill my dream of my own entrepreneurship and founded HoitoSulka company in 2018. I am a trained masseur and reflexology therapist. I have also completed 3 years of basic chinese medicine training, which includes acupuncture and moxa treatment. I continuously want to develop my professional skills through various courses, such as fascia treatment method, hot stone massage, kinesio taping, reiki treatment. Nature has been close to my heart my whole life. I've always been fascinated by different retreats and I've been participating several mindfulness and drum retreats over the years. Drum relaxation is close to my heart and I've made a couple of shaman drums myself. I do fire theatre and work in the Aarnitulet group in Juojärvi as Poppa-Akka. In addtion to these, I do Qigong and yoga as a hobby."

Hoitosulka company´s Facebook and websites:

Contact information: 

Mobile +358 44 2356904
Address: Keskitie 3 71200 Tuusniemi